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  • All government departments and agencies charged with the responsibility of managing the international movement of people, goods and materials across national borders; including pre-entry, on-entry and after entry applications;
  • Intergovernmental organisations with a vested interest in the management of people and goods across international borders;
  • Non-governmental organisations with a vested interest in the management of people and goods across international borders;
  • Transportation companies (including airlines, shipping companies, rail operators, freight forwarders) with a legitimate interest in supporting our aim;
  • Port, airport, and other management entities with a legitimate interest in supporting our aim; and
  • Those technology suppliers, business integrators and other private sector entities who support the safe and secure movement of people and goods across international borders whilst facilitating flow, in accordance with the aims of the organisation.

How we can help:

Our mission is to bring together experts, practitioners, academics, policy makers and technology providers to develop and promote best practice in the application of modern border management principles; and the intelligent use of new and emerging technology. This will be achieved by:

  • Building a platform for communication and collaboration between government and border agencies, intergovernmental organisations, non-government organisations, international transportation agencies, ports, airports and technology suppliers;
  • Developing and managing a series of international events and workshops for members and partners;
  • Building a library of relevant materials relating to the principles of modern day border management and latest advances in technology; and
  • Working with our members and partners to identify models of best practice.
“Our vision in the Home Office is for the most effective border in the world. We have embarked on a transformation journey that will tighten the security of our borders and also improve experience of the majority legitimate passengers arriving at our Borders. This area, and our approach has involved working with many of our international partners.
IBMATA has enabled making further connections and sharing ideas with international partners and the supplier industry as well as strengthening partnerships. There is a lot of commonalities across the Border Agencies and the application of technology at the Border across the world. IBMATA has been very effective in bringing together Border agencies and the industry to discuss the common challenges and explore potential solutions which has proved very useful as we design the future of the UK Borders”.
Lolade Onabolu
Senior Programme Director – FBIS Programme & MBG People Group Director, Borders & Migration, Home Office
“In an increasingly globalized world where, without exception, every country is faced with migration related challenges which include illegal immigration, movement of illicit goods and inter-jurisdictional crimes. To this end, it is very critical that members of the global community of nations collaborate to create platforms for allowing the sharing of technologies and good practices on its border management. Considering the magnitude of challenges faced by the countries of the world, the notion of porous borders remains the strategic concern of many countries of the world. As such, IBMATA provides such a platform where experts, academics, policy makers and practitioners from all over the world meet to develop and promote contemporary border management practices. At this point, it is very critical to apply vibrant policies that are guided by intelligence and technological provisions in stature and application. As the Border Management Authority, South Africa we pride ourselves in the partnership we developed with IBMATA under the leadership of Mr Tony Smith. As a result, we have learned very critical lessons for IBMATA sessions and that has brough massive improvements on how the BMA conducts its integrated border management operations”.
Dr Nakampe Michael Masiapato: D Litt. et Phil. (UJ), Ph.D. (Wits).
Commissioner & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Border Management Authority (BMA)
“Travizory has been a member of IBMATA since 2021. Our team has attended numerous events and conferences convened by the IBMATA team, and have found each of them to be a very productive networking and learning opportunity. We have also contributed a series of articles to IBMATA’s flagship publication – Border Management Today – which have garnered significant attention from stakeholders across the industry. We would highly recommend an IBMATA membership for anyone working in Border Security today”.


“IBMATA provides the opportunity to meet governments (from around the world) and industry representatives in an informal situation to better understand their needs, objectives and offerings. We got lots of value from our IBMATA membership this year”.
Customs, Immigration and Borders Lead, Global Government Centre of Excellence,
IBM Consulting
“Globalisation & technology have made the world “smaller“ and more inter-connected. Coupled with a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) operating landscape shaped by terrorism, border security poses a great challenge. Now with COVID, it is even more daunting. However, we are not alone in having to face these challenges. In this regard, the International Border Management and Technologies Association (IBMATA) has served as an important platform that allows like-minded partners and thought-leaders to gather and learn from each other, cross-fertilise ideas and share best practices in order to emerge stronger TOGETHER.
IBMATA events are well-organised and offer rich insights for those involved in border security and identification. This is especially important for me in my previous role as the Commissioner of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Singapore. I have continued to be involved in and engaged with the IBMATA community”.
Senior Advisor (Special Duties),
Ministry of Home Affairs,

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