Today Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, and Italian authorities held the first meeting of a working group that aims to identify what needs to be revised in the operational concept of Operation Triton. This was caused by the extraordinary migratory situation along the Central Mediterranean route.

The gathering, which was a follow-up to a meeting that took place on 11 July, was held at the agency’s headquarters in Warsaw in a constructive atmosphere.

The Italian delegation and Frontex exchanged ideas on the scope of future work. The Italian officials put forward a proposal for a new comprehensive approach for the integrated management of European sea borders, which will be the basis for future meetings. In addition, the two sides agreed on a timeline, establishment of dedicated points of contact and development of future activities.

Italy will keep Frontex informed about the discussions concerning the Code of Conduct for NGOs, which it considers a crucial step at this stage.

In the coming weeks, both sides will further develop possible amendments to the operational concept. Once it is agreed by Frontex and the Italian authorities, Member States participating in the operation will be consulted.

The agency remains committed to providing further support to Italy in migration management and returns. Frontex currently deploys 440 officers and support staff as part of operation Triton.


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